2 thoughts on “13 tips for praying the Rosary with kids

  1. Liturgist says:

    I used to pray the rosary and then follow with my own spontaneous prayer. Now I replace each of the mysteries with a bit of spontaneous prayer, which sets the ‘intention’ for that decade. E.g. I might say ‘Dear Jesus I pray for my son, he’s having issues with school etc etc etc help me to be a good mother to him etc etc’ and then I’ll pray the Hail Marys whilst imagining Mary interceding with me as I pray for my son to Jesus.
    When my kids (4yo and 5yo) want to join in on the rosary (which they often do), I’ll just pray the rosary myself and at the time for saying the intention instead of the mystery, I’ll say ‘do you want to pray something?’ and they usually put in their own spontaneous prayer along with mine. Other times they don’t want to and they just listen (and maybe fall asleep). Sometimes if they’re really keen they’ll join in with the Hail Marys and Glory Bes etc as well. I agree that just praying it myself makes them more likely to want to join in. The only reason I let them be with me the first time was because we were all co-sleeping together and I couldn’t be bothered waiting for them to fall asleep before I started. Then they started begging me to ‘pray the Jesus necklace with us Mummy’.

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