Have fun with the Rosary (no, really)

Catholic mom Sarah Reinhard writes, I have a love-hate relationship with the Rosary. It’s not so different from how I feel about exercise. They both yield good — great! — results, but they also need an investment of time and effort. If I am struggling with it, how am I supposed to get my kids to do it willingly? Teaching Catholic Kids has resources to help you (and me!) introduce the children in your life to the rosary…and maybe plant the seeds of a lifelong devotion!

Five tips for celebrating First Communion without stress

Catholic mom Sarah Reinhard has celebrated three first Communions. That doesn’t make her an expert, but she has learned some things along the way. Online you’ll find five pointers that have helped her let go of the stress and embrace the beauty of the sacrament, from remembering to smile to keeping in mind the sacredness of the day.

January and the Holy Name of Jesus

The month of January is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus, and on January 3, we celebrated the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. Here’s why the feast — and the name of Jesus — are so important. Here in the Midwest, January is usually a month of cold and dark. So there’s an appeal to focusing on the sun…or the Son, as it were. If you’re crafty, we have some ideas for you! Find instructions online.