Saint Josephine Bakhita • Saint stories

Meet Josephine Bakhita, who was kidnapped in 1876 from her loving family in Sudan at age seven and sold into slavery! Can you imagine how scared she must have felt? This horrible experience made her completely forget her name. Her kidnappers renamed her Bakhita, which means “fortunate one.” Online you’ll find her complete story and an activity for your Catholic kids.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton • Saint stories

Can you guess which saint was the first to be born in America? Not many can. If you had told this saint as little girl that she would become Catholic, she probably would have laughed at you.

Elizabeth Ann grew up in a very strong Protestant family. They would have very little to do with anyone Catholic. Back then many people would judge you by what religion you were, not by your actions. Imagine choosing not to play with another kid just because he wasn’t your same religion! Her feast day is January 4. Read about St. Elizabeth’s story online.