Your home oratory: A little place for family prayer

Different families have different names for this kind of space: home altar, home shrine, celebration table, and so on. Whatever you call it, use the space as a physical reminder of God’s presence in your home, as well as your intention as a family to create “space” for God in your life.

Meet St. Clare of Assisi: A little holy stubbornness • Saints for kids

When her father stormed the church with armed men, Clare calmly explained that she had given her life to Christ—and clung to the altar with supernatural strength when the count tried to drag her home. Read the story of a saint whose holy stubbornness wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Celebrating Reconciliation with kids: 9 ways to get into the habit

The sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation gets a bad rap, with many people steering clear because they think it’s all about guilt and punishment, when actually the emphasis is on mercy, forgiveness, and healing. Here’s how to help your family enjoy the benefits of this sacrament more regularly.