6 thoughts on “What does the Rule of St. Benedict offer families?

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    Patricia Healy says:

    I was actually thinking about adapting some of Benedict’s Rules for my high school students, especially the vocations course I will be teaching! Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Robin Sellers says:

    This is a great analysis! Thank you! You could keep this a continuous Blog post and it would be wonderful.

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    Jennifer O says:

    We have several quotes from the Rule around our home. And I’ve often thought to myself, oh, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would write a book to show how well St. Benedict’s Rule works for family life. I’m glad this is on your mind because an article gets the point across just as well.

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    Rachael says:

    This makes me think a lot of the book, “A Mother’s Rule of Life”. Author and homeschooling mother, Holly Pierlot, didn’t actually use rules from the Rule of St. Benedict, but used the idea of a rule and how it works in religious communities as an example to how she could structure her day. I haven’t been able to implement it all, but have done so in pieces and having a “rule” helps me to know what I should be doing and when I should be doing it. This allows me to pray when it’s time to pray, work when it’s time to work and play when it’s time to play without feeling guilty about doing something else. My interest is definitely peaked to read St. Benedict’s Rule…it’s been on my shelf for a couple years since it was a book on the Well Read Mom reading list one year…obviously I never got that far.

    I’ve also pondered the concept of living within Christian community as families. I think it’s a beautiful idea. Not everyone would find it to be a living situation they’d enjoy, but being closely surrounded by others who can pray with you and share life with you is an inspiring idea!

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